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I trained with Thelmah in 2012 and 2013, starting at her Buggyfit classes in London Fields and moving on as a PT client of hers. The classes were such a special part of my maternity leave that year: having a blast with the other women and getting some confidence back in my body. Despite stopping seemingly every 5 minutes for nappy changes and feeds I noticed definite results from the workouts pretty quickly. Initially it was simply posture and energy levels, and after a month or two I could see muscle definition returning. I would also say Im one of the few mums I know who hasnt been left with a stomach ‘pouch’ – which Id say must be down to Thelmas attention to technique in abdominal exercises post giving birth – Ive never come across any trainer who took such trouble to make sure we werent in fact worsening the post pregnancy muscle separation. Shes knowledgeable, motivating and supportive – both as a trainer and a fellow mum – and Id totally recommend working with her… I only wish I lived near enough to train with her now!
In the space of two and a half years I have had two babies, both ending up being born by c section but am stronger and leaner than I was at my wedding. There is no doubt in my mind this is down to Thelma. After my first baby I really struggled to shift the chub, was exhausted and constantly felt rubbish. I was living on a diet of coffee and pastries and didn’t have a clue how to exercise, especially postnatally. The idea of a personal trainer seemed a bit flash to me and the trainers I met in my local gym totally put me off (never mind the small issue of no babies allowed) but then following a google search I found Thelma. I can honestly say she changed my life- how I think about food and exercise, how I look and how I feel about myself. Thelma’s initial appeal for me was that she was a mum and ‘gets it’ (plus the added bonus of someone who loves babies and will happily feed them bottles/entertain them whilst I’m in the middle of a set of squats) but from working with her it’s so much more. She has the knowledge and understanding of women’s bodies to support her work which other trainers simply don’t have. I was totally new to structured exercise but have always felt totally comfortable with Thelma. She understands how pregnancy can change your body but also how to strengthen and restore it after. Following my c sections I had a total lack of core strength and a large gap (diastasis recti?!) which Thelma was able to specifically address. As a mum I am now strong and active- especially important with two boys who constantly want to wrestle and rugby tackle! If you are thinking about working with Thelma just go for it! It’s investing in your health and you will feel better in yourself and about yourself.Alex Bagguley
When I contacted Thelma I was a very worried new Mum. I’d had a dream water birth with no drugs, but my pregnancy had been difficult. I’d been plagued with sickness and had SPD that had resulted in weekly physio sessions towards the end of the 9 months, to relieve excruciating pain in my pubic bone area.
Postpartum I felt a heavy dragging sensation in my pelvic floor area and when I tried a Pilates session 6 months after my son was born I couldn’t lift myself from the floor as I had no core strength. I knew something was seriously wrong.
After much research I self diagnosed myself with having diastasis and started looking for trainers who specialised in this condition. That’s when I found Thelma!
Thelma listened to all of my concerns and symptoms, she conducted some tests herself and confirmed the severity of my diastasis. Although being fairly petite and a size 8 I had a “poochy” belly that had absolutely no tone. The SPD in the latter part of my pregnancy meant that my hips didn’t bear the weight of my baby, my stomach muscles did – and these were the after effects.
As soon as I met Thelma I knew we would get on! She has an infectious personality that immediately puts you at ease. Thelma devised a training programme for me to follow with additional exercises for me to work on at home. We began with gentle toning exercises and gradually progressed to more intensive training as I got stronger. Every session with Thelma was fun and varied. Circuits, boxing, TRX training, weights – and all done outside in the beautiful outdoors of Victoria Park. I am now a million times stronger. My stomach is flat and I have my core back.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Thelma, she is a supportive coach with a positive outlook. She will challenge you, but is totally sensitive to where you are physically and emotionally. The variety in the training means you are never bored – and always have fun!
I believe I was supposed to meet Thelma, quite simply she has changed my life in a physical sense and for that I will forever be grateful.Camille Shortt

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